◾ Paper conservation & restoration

◆ Conservation:
◇ Technical study and dossier:
– Paper type identification
– Identification of the graphic technique
– Dating
– Advice for conservation and exhibition
◇ Confection of conservation boxes – custom-made

◆ Restoration:
◇ Cleaning
◇ Removal of adhesive tape and others
◇ Deacidifcation and buffering of the paper
◇ Foxing removal
◇ Flattening
◇ Lining
◇ Mending of tears
◇ Mending of gaps
◇ Restoration of cardboard boxes and objects
◇ Tratteggio technique

These interventions are possible on documents, art on paper and objects in paper.
For each restoration a file is drawn up with beautiful before and after photos. Each restoration is also insured.

◾ Gallery for works on paper

◾ Historical research – Online expertise

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