Rik Wouters – Etalage van een Viswinkel

Only one other copy of this etching is known and was exhibited at the Schepenhuis museum in Mechelen, in 2013. “A prominent figure in Brabant’s Fauvism, Rik Wouters brought us brilliant and colorful art, far from the dramas that marked his existence until his early death in 1916 at the age of 33. Rik Wouters…


Restoration of an antique toy in papier-mâché

A couple of weeks ago (end of 2021) I was assigned the restoration of an antique toy in papier-mâché, a cow or bull on a cart, from the late 19th/early 20th century. The legs had suffered significant damage as you can see. Probably due to some weight that was put on it while in storage.…